Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtual Instruction the same as Home School?
No. Home schooling is carried out chiefly by a parent/guardian and/or other groups. Virtual instruction relies on accredited courses of study, taught by certified and experienced instructors, with many of the same resources available that are found in a traditional school environment. However, home school students may use the virtual courses as their curriculum. Return to Top
What happens if students decide that SVS is not for them after they start?

During the course request process, the student agrees to the following:

I acknowledge that during the first 21 days of being activated into my SVS course, I may drop the course without penalty. Upon dropping a course after the first 21 days, a grade of WF will be issued. I understand that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis may result in my removal from the course and may result in a failing grade being assigned to my academic transcript. If I drop the course after completing 50% of the class requirements and fail to take the final exam, SVS will issue an “F” for my final grade. This grade will be transferred to the student's school of record and transcript. Student must then enroll in another public school, private school, or home education.

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How many courses may a middle/high school student take?
The State funds full-time virtual students for a maximum of 6 credits/courses, so students are limited to a total of six courses. Return to Top
Are Honors classes available?
Almost all courses may be taken for Regular or Honors credit. Students will register for the regular level and then inform the teacher of their desire to work for honors credit. Return to Top
Is Dual Enrollment Available?
Yes. Through an agreement with North Florida Community College or Gateway Community College, students may enroll in college level courses provided all prerequisites have been met. Students must receive approval by SVS administration. Return to Top
Can I participate in sports or extracurricular activities?
Yes. You may participate in extracurricular activities at a grade level appropriate school within the zone in which you reside. To participate in extracurricular activities, you must contact the appropriate school principal. To participate in sports, you must complete the FHSAA form and contact the Athletic Administrator at the school. Return to Top
How will the students “meet” with their instructors?
Our virtual program requires and encourages frequent communication between the students and their instructors. Students will be able to call and email their instructors as often as needed. There is a welcome call and other communication for each course. A parent is provided with a parental account for each student, to monitor progress and to communicate with instructors. Return to Top
What if a student with an IEP wants to enroll?

By enrolling in a "school of choice", a child's IEP may need to be modified. This means that the special education or related services provided to your child at his or her previous school of enrollment may not be available to him/her at SVS. Please utilize this information to make appropriate academic placement choices for your student for this school year and beyond.

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How does grading work?
SVS uses the same grading scale as the other schools in Florida per Florida Statute. Final grades will be posted in FOCUS at the end of each nine weeks. Parent/guardians must create an online account (with FLVS, Calvert, K12) to be able monitor their child's progress. Return to Top
Are virtual students required to take the state assessments and EOCs?
Full-time virtual students are required to take the state assessments (FSA) and any other required standardized tests. Students will take these assessments at a designated Suwannee County School. Return to Top
Do I need to purchase textbooks?
All course materials are provided online for secondary courses. Should a particular course need any special text or material, we will provide it. Materials are sent to the students, but the parent/guardian is responsible for returning it back to the school once the course has been completed. If your child is enrolled in Calvert or K12, you will receive a box of materials that are yours to keep. Return to Top
How do I know what courses to take?
Students will be assigned a guidance counselor who reviews transcripts and prior school records to determine the student's schedule. Return to Top
Will my student receive a report card?
Yes, a SVS report card will be generated and sent home. Progress reports are available online, with a parent/guardian account, to monitor student progress anytime. Return to Top
Can students receive a high school diploma through the SVS?
Yes. Upon completion of required credits, a SVS will receive a standard diploma, just like any other public high school student. Return to Top