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Frequently Asked Questions: Nutrislice

1.     What is Nutrislice?

Nutrislice is Sodexo At School’s digital menu technology solution. Nutrislice provides a seamless consumer experience across web and app platforms.

Nutrislice is a proven industry leader in developing applications for a mobile-first experience and brings industry best practices to our districts.

2.     Why is Sodexo changing from the current app, So Happy, to Nutrislice?

So Happy has reached its end of life and the platform will no longer be supported after the end of the 2023-2024 School Year.

Nutrislice offers additional functionality and features that are not currently available with So Happy. Nutrislice is the industry leader, and this transition will provide a reliable source of information for nurses, parents and students to manage nutritional and dietary needs.

3.     What is the timeline?

Suwannee County Schools is set to start on-boarding with Nutrislice on May 15, 2024. The on-boarding process spans 5 weeks to allow for site creation, training, and site customization work. We except to go live with the customer-facing web and app platforms on May 15, 2024.

4.     Is Nutrislice available in multiple languages?

Yes, Nutrislice offers translation in 50 different languages.

5.     What features can the district expect?

There are many features. A few to note are:

·       Nutrition calculators and viewable nutrition fact labels.

·       Printable menus with the ability to translate in multiple languages.

·       The ability to filter menus based on allergens and dietary needs.

·       Easy navigation between school locations and menu types.

6.     Is there an app to download?

The Nutrislice app is available for download via the Apple Store or Google Play. Please note the district will not appear within the app until your district has gone live with Nutrislice.Nutrislice Information - Page 1Nutrislice Information - Page 2